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Anguilla: Snorkeling Secluded Little Bay

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Anguilla: Snorkeling Secluded Little Bay
Photo Credit: By aturkus via flickr and Creative Commons

Heading down the little hill and curving road to Crocus Bay in Anguilla, you will see the Cebleu Villas and Beach Resort at the bottom of the hill. Before it, on the ocean side, there is a little gravel parking lot next to a blue building. Park your car there and step out, taking in the gorgeous view as you do. Next to the beach, there is a large tamarind tree, stretching out and shading two picnic tables. A collection of locals, mostly of the senior variety, will be chatting and relaxing in the sun. Stapled to the tree are two business permits. Just before the tree there is a building which features two outdoor showers.

One of the fellows sitting beneath the tree is named Calvin. If he’s not there, someone will tell you where he is. Calvin has a small metal boat, which he will use to shuttle you out and around the point, dropping you off in secluded Little Bay, with its crescent of sand, picturesque view and amazing snorkeling. On the way, Calvin might point out some sea turtles for you, turning the outboard motor off to try to keep them near for just a few seconds more. The trip, there and back, will run you $15 per person and takes all of ten minutes.

Of course, you can also rent kayaks and make your way over to Little Bay, though the rates can vary and tend to be rather pricey. Sailboats and diving boats stop further out, and private power boats can also come close to the Anguilla shore and anchor further out. There is also a rope to climb down into Little Bay, but it is quite a rock face, making it difficult to get down with anything more than a small backpack.

Take your snorkeling gear, lunch or snacks, plenty of sunscreen, plenty of water, drinks and an umbrella for shade, if you have one. Rash guards are also a very good idea, to help prevent sunburns. Make sure that you keep your food closed up in your bag, or the local lizards might try to join you for your picnic.

Looking out to the ocean, there is a cave on the right, toward the point, which you can climb in to, though be careful not to cut your feet in the process. Heading to the right, there is a large rock that some climb with a rope and jump off, at least twenty feet high, down into the water. At the point, there is a large rock in the water, and the whole rocky shoreline provides delightful snorkeling. Most of the rocks have worn away below the water level, so make sure you do not knock your head because what you are seeing is very different from what’s above your head! From Little Bay you can also snorkel your way along the left, finding oodles of colorful fish.

Little Bay offers a secluded, gorgeous beach full of amazing sand with stunning snorkeling. The water-only access means that you will only have to share the beach with a handful of other people. It is one of the slightly more hidden gems, but a brilliant gem indeed, in Anguilla.

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