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Toronto Pearson Airport Shops & Restaurants

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Toronto Pearson Airport Shops & Restaurants
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The Toronto Pearson Airport is a very large, bright and white terminal which floods with sunshine during the day. Over the years, the restaurants and shops have evolved to offer quite a selection.

The international wing of the Toronto airport, the E series of gates, constitutes one spoke of the terminal. As you enter the area, there is an accelerating moving sidewalk, spanning a few hundred meters. It is a neat engineering feature and lets you leave your walking friends in the dust! You have to move at a light jog in order to keep pace with it.

Once you reach the international section of the Toronto Pearson Airport, there is an extremely large selection of handbags to purchase! Longchamps, Coach, Victoria’s Secret, and Michael Kors all offer you handbags. There are also duty free shops, book shops and a selection of restaurants in the Toronto International Airport.

The majority of the food available for purchase is pre-packaged so that you can easily take it with you on the plane. Virtually all of the restaurants open between 0500 and 0530, so you can pick up your caffeine fix and food suitable for any time of day or night. Of note, it may be difficult to cater to some food allergies as the bulk of the food is pre-packaged, and most menus are fairly short. Thus, there are not a lot of possible alternatives to combine. There are some gluten free options available and a limited selection of vegetarian and pescatarian meals. Vegans will need to search in order to find dining options, or just stick to fruit cups.

If you have some time, the Casey’s Via Della Bici does made to order, sit-down breakfast. While the menu is quite small, they are happy to make substitutions for allergies or sensitivities.

The International Terminal concourse features extensive seating options outfitted with electrical outlets and an iPad per seat. The iPad gives you the option to order food, read the newspaper, play games and more. When you sit down and start utilizing an iPad, it asks you which departing flight you will be on so that it can notify you of any relevant announcements and warn you when your flight is boarding.

Before departing, you can brave the lines at the Canadian classic coffee chain, Tim Hortons, and pick up an Iced Cap, double double, or pick from a limited selection of their regular menu. Also available in the food court near Gate 73 is True Burger, Asobu sushi and Heirloom Bakery.

Don’t forget to ensure you have sufficient water for your flight; stay hydrated!

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