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The Flamboyant Cottage – Saba

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The Flamboyant Cottage Saba
The Flamboyant Cottage (via permission from The Flamboyant Cottage)

Adorned with gingerbread style woodwork, like many of the homes and cottages on Saba, the Flamboyant Cottage adds a dash of fuchsia to the façade to give it that flamboyant touch. Like other cottages in Saba, this one is nestled into the side of a rather steep hill, which provides both exercise and stunning views. Looking out over the water, St. Eustatius, or Statia as it is known, is just off to the left, with St.Kitts and Nevis also visible on the horizon.

This little cottage offers up two bedrooms, each with its own ensuite, including tiled shower. The quaint, bright, beach paint job and construction make the whole place picturesque, like a more tropical version of the cottages throughout Ontario. The kitchen has been replaced relatively recently and is outfitted with a huge variety of pots, pans and almost every trinket you could need – right down to the cocktail shaker…That is, if you are done making banana daiquiris in the blender! There are cheese graters, flippers, storage containers, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee maker, a kettle, a teapot, flippers, whisks, several corkscrews; you get the idea.

Wake up and look out over the water while sipping a cup of coffee, which was provided thanks to the combined efforts of owners Sherry Marts and Larry Haller and their on-island property managers Tricia and Michael. Arriving at the Flamboyant Cottage – which was filled with fresh flowers throughout, chilled wine glasses, wine, a selection of breakfast food, including milk and eggs, and a hand written note from Tricia – brought the whole experience together after taking the Dawn II Saba ferry. This team covers off every detail you could hope for when booking a private cottage rental on Saba. Lengthy emails detailing out transportation options, restaurants, grocery stores and quick answers and assistance with extra details make staying at the Flamboyant Cottage a dream. The cottage itself has board games, multiple decks, a covered outdoor dining area and even its own pool! Minute attention to detail, such as labeling all of the light switches, so you can turn on the lighting for different parts of the multi-level patio, makes it an easy place to stay. Tricia and Michael are also a quick call away via the provided cell phone, or the land line in the Flamboyant Cottage. If you are looking to connect to the outside world, there is also Wi-Fi in the cottage.

The Flamboyant Cottage Saba
A view from the deck of the Flamboyant Cottage (via permission of the Flamboyant Cottage)

Exploring Near the Flamboyant Cottage

Taking the short, but up and down, ten minute walk into Windwardside takes you to restaurants, dive shops, the trail shop, two grocery store options a few shops and artisan shops, banks, a post office and trail heads. Groceries are reasonably priced and a wide selection of goods are available, though the produce, delivered on Wednesdays, still leaves something to be desired. You are best to stop in at the organic farm, which manages to provide locally grown produce even in the dry season.

While the island is lush and tropical, locally grown vegetables are a feat as Saba has no natural water source. Every building on the island collects rainwater into cisterns in order to provide fresh water. This requires that all visitors be very judicious with the water supply.

To get away from it all, Saba offers a cheerful, relaxing and quaint Caribbean destination with friendly and helpful locals. The Flamboyant Cottage ties it all together with fantastic hosts, a private, walkable location with views and very reasonable rates. Join the few folks who find their way over to Saba and find out why many return.

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