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5 Things to Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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With hundreds of things to do in Montego Bay, the city is a perfect spot for your next beach vacation! MoBay – as it is affectionately called – is located on the island’s northwestern coast and is home to some of Jamaica’s most beautiful beaches. With one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean, Montego Bay also acts as a gateway to the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

Personally, I love traveling to Jamaica and am bringing my family back there this spring. The people are friendly, the beaches are perfect, and my kids can drink the water without having to worry about getting sick. With so many things to do in Montego Bay, and just a 15 minute drive to the airport, it’s the perfect destination for our Jamaican vacation!

Things to Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Whether you’re traveling alone or with kids, you’ll find all kinds of things to do in Montego Bay. Here’s a list of some of our favorite MoBay attractions!

Rose Hall Great House

With hundreds of things to do in Montego Bay, the city is a perfect spot for your next beach vacation! Here are 5 of our favorites.
Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Perched over the ocean, this historic building once served as the plantation home to cruel slave master Annie Palmer. Known as the “White Witch of Rose Hall,” rumor has it that she used black magic to off multiple husbands and countless slaves. According to some, her ghost still roams the Great House hallways today. Whether you believe the stories or not, the night tour of the house is a freaky blast! Plus, you’ll be treated to gorgeous ocean views and – on a clear night – some of the most beautiful starlit skies you’ll ever see. Located about a 20-minute drive from Montego Bay, this place is one stop you can’t miss!

Martha Brae River

Hop on a bamboo raft and let a river guide escort you 3 miles down the serene Martha Brae River. These knowledgeable Jamaican “gondoliers” are happy to teach you about the area’s tropical plants and animals. (They may even help you grab a fruit snack off one of the trees.) Enjoy your leisurely one-hour float, or get adventurous and jump off the rope swing at the end of your journey. The tour costs about $60 USD and also includes a visit to a medicinal herb garden and round-trip transportation to your hotel.

Croydon Plantation

Travelers seeking a taste of “real” Jamaica should head to the mountains for a stop at Croydon Plantation. The property itself is beautiful, but the views aren’t the only thing you’ll enjoy. While you’re there, you’ll get to sample some of the plantation’s best fruits, complete with a yummy lunch when you’re done.

The Hip Strip

Looking for more local flavor? Try the Hip Strip. Located on Gloucester Avenue, walking this lively strip is one of the most popular things to do in Montego Bay. Here you’ll enjoy local art galleries and lively shop owners, all in a friendly and safe environment. Grab a drink or a bite to eat at one of the restaurants on the strip. Situated next to Doctor’s Cave Beach, this tourist attraction isn’t hard to find.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

You came to Jamaica for the beaches, right? Then, don’t forget to hit the sand at Doctor’s Cave Beach! Powder-like sand and warm blue waters make visiting this beach one of the most popular things to do in Montego Bay. Bring a towel, pitch a tent, and relax in the sun’s warm rays. Or, rent some snorkel gear and enjoy some of the area’s best underwater sights. Entrance to the beach costs about $6 USD. You’ll also find some adult beverages there for just a few bucks.

Enjoy Your Trip

Montego Bay remains one of the most popular Caribbean travel destinations for a reason. The area’s natural beauty, mixed with the welcoming spirit of the Jamaican people, make it a place worth visiting. And, with so many things to do in Montego Bay, what’s not to like? Happy traveling!

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