Top Summer Destinations 2016

Top Summer Destinations 2016

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Spring fever is over and summer is almost here. That means many people are anxiously anticipating their summer vacation. In fact, most have already finished the planning process and are just waiting to head off. Haven’t planned anything yet? Check out the these fantastic last-minute summer destinations and see if any of them grab your attention.

Las Vegas

For a casino holiday, Vegas has always been the place to go. The Vegas Strips offers miles of casinos for gambling, which creates the perfect opportunity to try out the poker skills you built up playing at mobile casino sites such as The close proximity of these casinos makes it possible to experience their differences by visiting several in one night. These casinos are based on a variety of themes, all trying to outdo the others. One favorite traveler favorite is Luxor Casino, which pays homage to Ancient Egypt. Reproductions of Ancient Egyptian monuments add additional points of excitement.

Bordeaux, France

Well known for its wine, the region is further expanding upon this with the opening of the new La Cite du Vin. This museum will showcase different vintages created over the years along with providing a history of wine. Bordeaux is located near the Garonne River which provides other opportunities for exploration, for example Jardin Public is a great location to have relaxing stroll any time of the day.

Sicily, Italy

With ruins from antiquity and modern architecture, Sicily has a lot of offer visitors. The coastline provides some breathtaking views. Many travelers also come to experience the wine produced here. A variety of tours are available, giving guests a taste of the various bouquets from both well-established and newer wineries.

Koufonisia, Greece

Looking for a low-key destination without a touristy feel? Then Koufonisia would fit the bill. This small group of islands is populated by less than 400 people. It’s calm and peaceful, and the islanders live life at an easy pace. The Greek Isles are perfect summer destinations for a nice relaxed holiday on a beach. Bike travel is the best way to take in the sights here.


For diving enthusiasts, the Maldives are a great summer destination. Located in the Indian Ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka, many shipwrecks still populate the waters surrounding the Maldives, providing fantastic dive locations. Coral reefs also offer natural beatify for divers to enjoy. If you are not too keen on watersports, you can always visit the national museum, which is located in the Sultan Park in Malé.


Visitors to Haiti will want to visit the capital city of Port-au-Prince to explore historic and culture points of interest. The national museum – Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien (MUPANAH) – has many historical items on display and is a must visit for those wishing to learn more about the culture of this country. In addition to MUPANAH visiting an actual working rum distillery is a great way to learn about the island’s heritage in the rum industry.

The world awaits your visit in 2016. Which of these summer destinations will you choose?

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