Fun Travel Facts from Around the World

Fun Travel Facts from Around the World

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Traveling may not be for everyone, but for those of us who caught the travel bug, you’ll understand how much it can change your life. The world is your oyster, as they say, and wanderlusters like us know this to be true. While many of people know the names of the world’s most famous landmarks, there are lots of obscure facts that only a few have heard. So, let’s take a look and discover some fun facts about several destinations and attractions.

Years of Sleep in Las Vegas Hotels

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know there aren’t clocks in the casinos there.  You may even know that the city is home to 25 of the world’s largest hotels. But, there are also lots of secret facts about Sin City. For example, if you want to catch lots of zzzz’s then head to Las Vegas, where it will take 288 years to spend just one night in every hotel room in this gambling mecca. This seems somewhat ironic since no one goes to Vegas to catch-up on their shut-eye.

Fly Almost Anywhere in the US!

Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away … America is actually home to one-third of the world’s total number of airports, making it easy to travel by air to just about anywhere in the US.

Mexico City is Sinking

The phrase “keeping your head above water” has never rang truer than in Mexico City. This gigantic metropolis is actually sinking at the worrying rate of 10cms per year – which is 10 times faster than Venice! As a result, cracked pavements, slanting buildings, and wonky steps are everywhere. Take note kids: This is a primary example as to why building a city on a lake bed after pumping out the water isn’t a viable long-term option for creating the foundations of a strong city.

The Statue of Liberty is a Former What?

Any history buff knows that Lady Liberty was gifted to the US from France. The landmark serves as a reminder of the friendship between the French and the Americans which helped the U.S. attain its freedom. But, did you know that the Statute of Liberty was originally intended to be used as a lighthouse. However, after serving for 16 years as a warning to passing boats, it was retired and is now one of the world’s most iconic attractions.

Earthquake Resistant Landmarks

Mother Nature can put a lot of strain on buildings and attractions all over the world. Lightning, tsunamis, strong winds, and even the sun can be destructive forces. But, nothing puts more strain on the foundations of a landmark than an earthquake. That’s why Machu Picchu was erected to withstand earthquakes. The stones are placed in a position where they fall back into place after the rocking has subsided, making one of the most famous landmarks in the world earthquake resistant. This is one of the major reasons this particular historic landmark is still so well-preserved, despite being built on top of, not one, but two fault lines.

Other Fun Facts

You might also be surprised to learn that France is the most visited country in the world, a whopping 99% of Libya is desert, and Canada is home to more than three million lakes. The world is full of interesting things to see and do. If you want to see all of this for yourself, you better get started soon.

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